What is NuReSys about? - Struvite: NuReSys recovers phosphorus and nitrogen from waste water.

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NuReSys’s harvesting technology recovers orthophosphate (PO4-P) and ammonia nitrogen (NH4-N) from your biosolids stream to form pure struvite (NH4MgPO4·6H2O) crystals. The crystals are uniform, typically 1-3 mm in size, and are easily settled in the Crystallizer to be harvested.
For every one kilogram of orthophosphate that is removed, an additional half kilogram of ammonia nitrogen is also removed. Minimum removal of 80% of the orthophosphate present in the solution can be converted to pure struvite, enabling maximum efficiency and recovery within your plant.
This is true up-cycling of your waste stream. Valuable struvite is recovered for re-use as a fertilizer, while the phosphorus and nitrogen loads that are returned to the head of the plant are greatly reduced, allowing more efficient operations and enabling plants to meet increasingly strict daily effluent limits. Added benefits include the prevention of struvite scaling and accumulation within the plant and improved dewatering performance in applications where biological phosphorus removal is used.
PRESS RELEASE  24/09/2016

NuReSys technology for struvite recovery to be built in Braunschweig/Germany.

NuReSys is proud to announce that the Municipality of Braunschweig, assisted by PFI Planungsgemeinschaft GbR regarding unbiased evaluation of the different offers, has awarded its future phosphorus recovery plant to the combination Bremer-Pro-Aqua and NuReSys. The requirements of the tender were quite challenging and therefore the solution offered had to be versatile and flexible. The flow can vary from 8 to 25 m³/h and the PO4-P levels between 300 and 800 ppm. The combination offered a tailor-made solution which not only takes into account the phosphate recovery but also any post and preceding processes. Dipl. Ing. Thomas Meyer from Bremer-Pro-Aqua says: "We had a first collaboration with NuReSys when back in 2006 we built a phosphorus recovery plant in Altentreptow. This was an industrial plant in the dairy sector. Also this time the collaboration with NuReSys was correct and we felt very much on the same wavelength”.



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