Digestate - Struvite: NuReSys recovers phosphorus and nitrogen from waste water.

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The technology
5. NuReSys applied on DIGESTATE

NuReSys applied on digested sludge as such has 2 different approaches.
Just stripping of the digestate is a simple scaling control to prevent wear damage, pipe clogging and thus reducing process down time and excessive maintenance costs on the dewatering equipment and the sludge handling line. No chemicals are added and no struvite is harvested.
The main goal is to deactivate the remaining reactive magnesium and so eliminating the struvite formation potential.

       Digestate 1: Scaling control approach

NuReSys references applications on Digestate / Scaling control
   ·         Nieuwegein                     The Netherlands             MWWTP (under construction)
                                                                                                       Operational October 2016

The second approach directly applied on digested sludge is illustrated below. This is full option NuReSys technology: Stripper Reactor for pH control and stirred tank Crytalizing Reactor with MgCl2 addition to promote active struvite formation. Main advantages are again scaling prevention (based on limiting free soluble phosphate) and improvement of dewatering of the bio solids. This dewatering improvement is relevant but needs to be correctly evaluated. The noticed gain in dry matter is significantly due to struvite formation as such and has nothing in common with improved dewater ability. NuReSys was the first to a certain this and straighten this general misconception. Another major advantage is reducing the phosphorus load returning to the head of the MWTP. The option of either harvesting the struvite or not (struvite retained in the dewatered bio solids) is again case dependent. Again the NuReSys technology has the flexibility to implement harvesting or not still ensuring the previously mentioned advantages.
       Digestate2: Active struvite process.

NuReSys references applications on Digestate / Active Struvite Process
   • Aquafin - Leuven Belgium MWWTP

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